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Friday, December 30, 2022

Hello! Create Greeting Card Journals

Hello fellow crafters,  I have been trying to get my YouTube channel all ready to go for the new year, but have decided to change in the middle of the stream to go to  to have my video channel there.  

   It had been several years that I had actually began my other channel on youtube, and to tell you the truth I have been dissatisfied, with how they make it more difficult than ever to "control" your creative content.    I won't get into right now, but I am pretty much done with YouTube.    I hope that you will come on over to, hopefully the link will work.  :)   

I am feeling so much better now that my voice has cleared more from having laryngitis.   That sinus condition held on for about a month, no kidding.  It was bad.  Thankfully, my husband didn't catch that bug.  He got the flu shot, and I bet he was glad he did!     I am currently waiting (and staying up well past my bedtime) for my video to upload completely at rumble.   Things just take a while that I am learning especially with video content.   

My husband and I will be attending a family gathering at the cemetery to honor his father's passing, today.    Then afterwards we will all meet at one of the restaurants here in town.     Christmas for so many that have lost loved ones can be rough.  And believe me, it is difficult, but I know my Lord will see me through and He does.   He did for us this Christmas.   I know that when we put our full trust in the Lord and what he did on Calvary,  then He makes a way when we don't see a way.   The Lord makes our crooked ways straight.   It's so much better when we trust in Him.  

Now my video is ready to be seen!  Here it is just follow the link:  

Thank you for coming by and leave a comment too if you would like!   Hugs, Mary

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Merry Christmas

 Hello fellow crafters,   It's hard to believe that Christmas is almost here.   And for some reason I have allowed this blog to be neglected.    I am here with another scan for you from a 1940's crochet pattern book, you may wish to download and use it in a junk journal or whatever.   :)

This one has a touch a Springtime theme, but you know its nice to think of Spring when we have a winter storm brewing off in the west sure to come around about sometime on Thursday afternoon, and yes, its a day of work for us.  Lovely.   I have about 6 pattern books and from time to time I will do a scan to share.    
Update on my health, I am doing so much better, still a little bit of laryngitis but not like it was before and a sneeze every now and then.  :)    Overall this flu like cold has taken about a month to get over with.   Next time I will get a flu shot.    
Well, one area I was hoping to get work done is my craft area... its still in shambles... meaning just full of boxes of bits and bobs of materials stuck here and there,  it can be difficult to keep my focus on cleaning when work comes up.   The holidays are meant to be a happy joyous time, but with so many family members gone, it can drag me down a bit.    I'm not what you would call depressed, just find myself thinking about our loved ones and wishing they were still here to enjoy the holidays and all the trimmings with us again.    
To make Christmas a little bit special, I've been trying to keep a good outlook by making cards.   All the ones that had to be mailed are already out and have been received by friends and family, but ya know there seems to always be those stragglers... you know those cards that you get in the mail after the big day... but hey that's okay with me.   I'm sure there are other's that have been strugglin' with holiday blues too.   Well before we grab the box of tissues lets lighten the mood with another scan shall we?   Yes!

This scan is from a song book from 1919 I believe, I guess it was to teach kids to write their own music?   I bet.  

Another scan from an old recipe book, for plum pudding

This might be good for those that love to collect recipes for junk journals.    

Also thought I would share a digital drawing of a festive mailbox from me to you.

I have always loved this design, to me there's nothing more festive than a mailbox filled with Christmas cards.   Please remember that this is my own creation, and its not to be sold or claimed as your own.  My signature must stay with this digital.

Now then,  I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and best wishes in the New Year.  

Blessings and Hugs, Mary 

Before you go leave a comment its much appreciated.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Trims - 1944 style

Hello crafty friends,   Thought I would share with you some flea market finds.   Crocheted Designs - circa 1944.   These are free to download and print out to use in your junk journals.     Hugs, Mary