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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Butterfly Kisses!

There is a new Challenge going on over at Once Upon A Time,  and I am on the design team!  :)

The Theme for March is: Based on the book  Harold and the Purple Crayon

For my image I am using Butterfly Kisses by BoBunny

I couldn't decide on which image to use so I thought butterflies remind me of Spring, and why not a purple butterfly!

Ingredients to create my card:

Distress Crayons by Tim Holtz in colors of Festive Berries, Chipped Sapphire, Seedless Preserves, Rusty Hinge 

I used the crayons as a base for water coloring my butterflies, it worked perfectly, using water brushes.   When it was dry, I brushed on a light coating of Stickles Glitter Gel - Moon Dust, (which is difficult to see in the photo) take my word for it, the moon dust looks so pretty! 

Then I got out my Distress Oxide Sprays in Saltwater Taffy & Salvaged Patina  and held my breath as I spritzed little dots onto my card... with a bits of washi tape to mask off my butterflies I think it came together beautifully.  

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today, and I hope to see you at the Challenge!!


Beary Merry Christmas - March Challenge

 Hello Crafters!  Welcome to a new Challenge at CCAYR  the theme for  March is:  Three French Hens-THREE of something OR French sentiment

I decided to use the Beary Merry Christmas stamp by Penny Black

If you look closely to the words it looks smeared but its only showing up in the photo, not on the actual card.   I used Prisma pencils to do the coloring.  And just a hint of moon dust on the star which does not show up,  (frowny face).    I like the clean and simple look to this card.  

Thank you so much for coming by to visit, leave a comment if you wish.
Hugs, Mary 

Friday, February 17, 2023

"stressed out" and Update

Hello everyone,  just a quick update from my side of the world.  Last weekend I worked on making videos for my YouTube channel, and finally this evening just uploaded 3 more!   So if you haven't check those out, you are more than welcome.  I worked on a decoupage project, and a fabric flip to be used in junk journals using wedding dress appliques.   Such fun, and a little bit country too.  <------ Fabric pieces.


  The weather here has turned on the cold side again, after experiencing temps in upper 50's!   Wow, that really made it feel like it was the early days of Spring. 

  I'm getting an idea of what sort of flowers I would like to keep in hanging pots, I do love vinca flowers or may be known as periwinkle, they come in shades ranging from pinks to dark red and purple.   While much of my other flowers withered from the hot dry temps we experienced last Summer, as a desperate attempt to bring a little color back into my garden, I went to my local hardware center and picked out some lovely periwinkles... they surprised me with their lovely bright green leaves and beautiful flowers, their sturdy frame stood up to the hot dry days, I kept them watered.. they outlasted the petunias, and other various plants.   And to much of my surprise little butterflies loved their nectar.  Even saw a couple of hummingbirds flit in and out of the delicate blooms.   What more could I ask of a flower, it must be able to withstand harsh hot weather, and windy days.... those will be my go to flower.  

And on another note, there was a position going to open in my job, but now with cut backs and such, that won't be happening.... and I am glad.  As I thought I wanted to go into that direction, but something else has come up and could possibly be an alternative.   So, that is now on the horizon.   

The other day, I was so stressed out as I had to wait at the hospital, while my hubby had a routine exam.  Well, all I could think of was when my mother was at the hospital when she experienced a massive stroke.  It's like all I could think of was seeing her in the final moments of life.  Back then, family was in and out of the room, walking past me, or just waiting around talking quietly.   It wasn't as if I was alone, and my hubby was there as well.   But, at my husband's appointment it was just me sitting there getting caught up in my thoughts, I brought a book to read but mainly just browsed through the first few pages - a nervous read, as I had referred to it.    The following day, every part of me ached.  I didn't feel like doing much of anything.   The last time hubby had to go through that, my mother was still around and I called her, she then listened to me go on how I felt, and how nervous I was.  She knew what I was going through, and even said, "Remember, I told you he would be fine".    Well, that's what I wanted to hear again, "All will be fine"    My thoughts got all tangled up like a big ball of yarn, straggled strings and rubber bands.   And I forgot to keep my focus on the Lord.  Even though I felt alone, I should have remembered he was right there beside me.   And after all was said and done... those words that my mother gave me, came back in mind.  

Well, I do thank you all for coming to my blog and visiting... sometimes it helps me to write things down.  Usually its in my journal but today thought you might like an update.

Have a blessed day,  hugs, Mary

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Poppies & Peonies

 Hello crafters,  There are new digitals added to the Freebie Round-Up page.   Backgrounds (8x8) to use in your scrapbooking or junk journals.  Featuring my photography & artwork.   You'll need to scroll down to where it begins Uploaded February 7th - featuring poppies & peonies!  

I have noticed that my You Tube Channel has 62 subscribers.. this is awesome.    I have decided it would not work out to maintain two separate channels, so I will be only keeping the main channel.  

Well I have some good news!  No, I didn't get a promotion, but I was able to get a bonus, my first one!   It certainly came at a good time since my hours have been down due to sales being slow.   Things should pick up about March I would say.   Today's weather makes it feel as if Spring is around the corner, but I know it's only a tease.  

I plan on working on a crafting video.   Need to decide on what to make! :)

Okay, I will go for now..  have a good day.   Hugs, Mary


Thursday, February 2, 2023

New YouTube Channel

Hello everyone,  Yes, just as it reads in the title I had to create another channel for YouTube.   No I wasn't hacked.   I purchased a new Pixel 7 phone, I needed to start afresh with a newer phone as my other older android phone gave up the ghost.   When I tried uploading videos with my Iphone the videos stayed in a vertical position, which (I thought) made it difficult to view especially on the TV.   It did make it difficult on my end to position crafts for everyone to see.    So that's what I am currently doing now creating material for my newer channel.   I have no subscribers so if you would like to be a new subbie I would appreciate it!  :)    You may view my newest (rather short) video here.   Skinny Mini Junk Journal    Drop a comment if you would like, let me know (on the channel) if you liked it.    As I type this out, I am anxiously waiting for my Part 1 video to upload...  yes, its a process.    But the main thing is I am having fun creating crafts and getting them on video so I can share with my audience...  who ever they are...  

I just wanted to give you all an update as to what happened to my other channel,  I would link them together, but I am not sure of the password.     Okay, dear ones...  I will go for now.

Hugs, Mary