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Monday, June 26, 2023

Hello, an update...

 Just wanted to give you all an update, I'm not sure if I remember mentioning that my husband will be going in for surgery on his knee this Wednesday morning.   If you see this post please be in prayer for him that all goes well.   Thankfully the ex-rays showed only arthritis on the one knee, but his right knee has a cist that must be removed as well.   So, what we know now is his recovery time will be until later part of August or early part of September.   He is already been approved to be off of work for that time, and I will be his "coach" to make sure he does his exercises and help when its needed.    I will be taking care of necessary things like household duties and yard work.    I have taken one week off, as I cannot afford to be off too long a time.    Our time has been taken up with what do we need to make his rest and recovery more comfortable.   We have installed grab bars at all places that needed it, like bathtub.  Which is a major improvement seeing that the tub can be rather slick depending on the soap used.    Anyway, we have shopped to get needed supplies of food and snacks, so we don't have to be rushed to go out anytime soon, as my main concern will to make sure he doesn't have to be alone too much.    I will be driving him to all his appointments that will be coming up.   We learned through a class (Joint), that some folks don't have anyone to care for them when they get home as they are alone with no family.   I cannot wrap my head around that at all... and some can't afford to be off of work too long and must learn to use that new knee in order to get to work.  Wow.   My heart goes out to those with no family or help of any kind.   Bless your heart for having to go it alone.    When I get updates on how he is doing after surgery I will make another post.     Earlier this evening I was finally able to set down at my craft desk and do a crafting video, its still being uploaded as I type this out.   

Thank you for coming by, and taking the time to read this rather long post.  I hope you all have a blessed day, and one day when the dust settles I will be working on crafts to show.

Hugs, Mary