Grateful for my followers

Monday, October 31, 2022

What's Pink & Green?

My card!   It's all about the new Challenge going on over at CCAYR ( Christmas Crafts All Year Round ) you already know what the theme colors are...  Hope you'll join us this month!

My card is a Vintage Lantern which I found at a flea market.   All I did was to add in a bit of color to the bow and glitter pen to the snow atop the lantern.   I just love that this card seems to be in excellent condition.  I'm not sure how old it is.... maybe 1950's - 1960's.  I really don't have a clue. The back had no date, or where it was created.

I added the card to a base of dark pink, with a cream color flat card base.   In the pictures below you can see how nice it looks, no stains whatsoever.

Thank you for coming to visit, leave a comment if you wish.

As you can see I didn't add in any embellishments, I wanted it to remain just in original condition.  It just my way to preserve this wonderful find.  :)   I could send it to someone I suppose but I think it will remain in my care.  ♥

Preserving bits of history one card at a time.  

Hugs to all,  Mary

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Ahh, a day off..

 Hello!   Finally, a day off from work... I know that sounds so boring to start a post like that... but for me its a day to rest, do a bit of laundry to get caught up, and just to look over some of our latest finds from the flea market.   Yep, I have been on the hunt for something, anything that catches my eye.   Recent finds are Fenton Glass pieces.   And a crock (pottery) made in 1987.   I don't have any photos at this time but I will soon.   I've been especially interested in old vintage books, like I found song books, and others as well.    Work has been eating up my days as of late..  I just haven't had the chance to get photos, or post anything on my blog.   I made special time tonight though, just for my followers, or maybe it was just for me.  :)     Leave a comment so I know I'm not just talking to myself.    Speaking of "talking"...  I saw a shirt yesterday that read:  If you see me talking to myself, I'm having a staff meeting.   That made me chuckle.   

  And now I know I do have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome  in my right hand, how lovely.  Blah.   I know its from the repetitive motions at the cash register, pushing buttons, doing the scanner trigger, bagging up items... and since I'm right handed, well its the pits.    On a brighter note, I do have some time coming up where I have several days off, which is so needed.   I'm looking forward to it.. especially before the rush of the holidays hit.    

I have plans to make more crafty goodness too.   I may do an altered book, or just make a folder book type haven't decided yet.   There is one flea market that sells quite a bit of scrapbook goodies too, man, I am in love with this place.... well not with the entire store, just a corner of it.  :)    You know how it seems everywhere you look these days acrylic stamps or digital stamps are being sold.. well I still have a love for the old wooden type... yes they take up more room... which at the moment is at a premium... at least in my craft room, since I share it with my hubby too.

Well I'm going to get going now... my behind is letting me know I have sat long enough.   And bedtime is already here.  12:44 AM to be exact.    I hope you all are well.   

I would love to draw more too, but with my hand being the way it is, it makes kind of difficult.  

Hugs to all,  Mary  *Sweet dreams*  :)  

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Playful Penguins - New Challenge

Hello and Welcome to a new Challenge at Christmas Crafts All Year Round!  The theme this month of October is Winter Sports.    I'm not sure what happened to month of September but October is here!   

My card has playful penguins 

 I chose to use 3-D stickers, snowy background papers, from Hobby Lobby & Paper House Productions.   In fact, the stickers are from PHP as well.  Usually, I spend a bit more time in completing a card, but haven't had that much time off.

Thank you for visiting my blog, we hope to see you at CCAYR!  

Hugs, Mary

PS:  Just an added note, we are praying for all those affected by the horrible storm that passed through Florida.   Our hearts go out to you.