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Friday, September 30, 2022

A quick hello

 Hello!   I just wanted to check in, can hardly believe we are at the end of another month.  Seems to be going by so fast, or maybe its my perspective.  Work is going okay, that's why I haven't been on here too much.  We were so short on cashiers... but now so many new faces, can't keep up with it all.  LOL   I would already be in bed, but had to stay up to make sure the bread got baked, now cooling... smells heavenly.    It beats having the house smell of fish.  :)  Which is what we had for dinner.     

Our hearts go out to all that were in the path of that horrible hurricane Ian.   So much devastation everywhere.   We are praying for Florida.  💓

On another note, you all should see my desk.  Its truly a mess.  Someday I really need to organize.  It's just so difficult to find places for everything.   

The cooler weather has put me in a baking mood, so tried out a new Brownie recipe.  It called for 2 cups of sugar.... whoa!!  I thought it might taste just as good not adding in as much but decided to follow it exactly.   Oh they turned out, but they are so RICH and dense!!  Next time, I will hold back on the sugar.    

Well, I've got to scoot, its another work day....   Hugs to all,  Mary

Monday, September 19, 2022

Welcome Fall....

Here's my little project I worked on this evening, found the white distressed "milk can" - free, setting out by a curb.  ;)   Of course I cleaned it up before using it.  

 Shopped around at Hobby Lobby to find these nice looking fall florals.   The ribbon was on sale, and I created the bow.    I struggle making bows. This is on my fireplace hearth, next to the tv stand. 

Hope you day is filled with blessings.   Hugs, Mary

Upcycled treasures

Hello!   My craft project is finished and ready to be hung up. I decided to focus the theme around the 1920's and to include the 1940's... the idea came from an old box of letters and cards that were purchased at a flea market.  I wasn't sure what was in the wooden box as it was securely wrapped.  To my surprise I found all kinds of hidden treasures of old letters and cards, written to family and friends.   I wanted a way to preserve some of these interesting finds, so I placed them in my upcycled dresser drawer.

I included Tim Holtz photo strips of people that could have been from that era, old postage stamps from the envelopes, and just various items helped to create this very unique craft project... which I love! 

The photo of the pony, was found in the old letters.

The glittery dragon fly and butterflies were added for a special touch and they are from Renae Bouquets.   To see details better just click on the photo.  The outside of the drawer was given a dry brush effect, using cottage white.  Which isn't shown in the photo.

Bathing beauties part of Graphic 45 papers.  

The pansies were part of an old greeting card.  Along with postage stamps and post marks.

I just love how everything turned out.  A coating of modge podge was added to protect.    The lighting at the time of taking pictures wasn't good at all.  Anyway its difficult to get a good angle.  :) 
Thank you for stopping by, and leave a comment I love to read them! :)
Hugs, Mary