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Friday, April 29, 2022

Poppies in Bloom

 Hello crafty friends,  I've been out a while, been busy with work and life in general.   Before I get caught up in too much thought, let me say this... after a family member passes it seems like it takes forever for me to get motivated to create a card... like my mind was full of fuzzy fog.   Well, yesterday, we got out to the antique stores and found lots of crafting things like punches, and pretty papers, it was the decorative papers that got my mind out of the fog,  one in particular has illustration of poppies.  And I had to have it.    As you can see below I have it made into a card for Mother's Day.   The iridescent green paper is from PaperTemptress, and the razzleberry pink card stock as well.   *Edited*  This is my own creation. *

This one is watermarked.  I colored it in with my Prisma Pencils and Memento ink in New Sprout, and sky blue ink pad for the sky.   I just love how this turned out.    

Anyway its another day of work, and tomorrow too.

Hope you all have a great weekend,  I hope you'll leave a comment as I do read each one!
Thanks for stopping by. ♥

♥ Hello, I forgot to mention if you are interested in using this image for a card, let me know in a comment.

Hugs, Mary 

Friday, April 15, 2022

What's up with me

 Hello crafty friends,  its been a busy time with work and we have decided to paint our kitchen.  The color we chose is: split banana  not quite a yellow, more of a light creamy color with a hint of tan.  I think when its all said and done it will look quite nice.   The inspiration for the desire to paint came from visiting his sister.   Her walls were done in a light grey finish, and the floors were done in a grey, the whole house had been remodeled and it was just beautiful.   Of course my kitchen floors are more of a light maple, so painting the walls grey would have made it look awful.    She added a modern effect in the living room with these really cool looking shelves, they look industrial but stylish.    We ran with that idea and decided our kitchen could use an industrial, cool look with this type of shelf.     Once we get everything just the way we want it I'll get a photo.    With all this going on, working on crafts that need to be sanded or painted will have to wait.  

Happy Easter!    This will be our first time to visit with his family during this time.   I think it will be nice.   The weather that day may not be warm as I had hoped.   

I haven't started to buy any flowers as of yet, just too cold and its best to buy in early May.   I don't think we will have snow but ya never know.  

Well that's about all I have for now, have to get up pretty early tomorrow.   Btw, I did receive my beautiful papers from the Paper Temptress, I will show those at another time.    I made another order,  not that I needed to but I am hooked on her pretty papers!  ;)  

Have a great weekend, hope all are well.   I will see you later gators.

Hugs, Mary

Monday, April 4, 2022

A Time to Heal

 Spring has sprung or is winter still visiting?   Either way, today was absolutely beautiful.   Two beautiful blue birds flitted about and looking into the old weathered wren house,  I thought sure they were already raising a family.   Maybe they will give it a second look. ;)    Hanging under our back eve is a bird house filled with dried grasses, and string... a pair of sparrows have been nesting there.   This little house was found at my mother-laws when they were thinking of having a garage sale to sell what was left of them down sizing.  That was three years ago, and every year since, we've had sparrows raise their offspring,  what a joy it is to see.    

Yesterday, we met up with my husband's family for lunch, what a good time.   We were given more eggs, which we used today to mix into brownies,  I think fresh eggs make a difference in how foods taste.    Isn't it wonderful how the Lord works in our lives, when we decide to allow him to take control of situations.   What if I had decided to keep a grudge and hold onto unforgiveness, what a bitter state I would be in...  many years ago, He got ahold of my heart, through the pages of the Bible, and in my quiet time in prayer, gently reminded me that I needed to forgive them, not just his parents but all of the family.   It didn't matter what all was said or done, what mattered is me forgiving them and myself.   When we are willing to let go, then God can work out his plan in our lives.    Healing takes time, but what I have found is there is joy in the healing process.    I must keep trusting in what the Lord is doing in my life,  I must be willing to take my hands off of the steering wheel and allow him to take control, his way is best.   

Psalms 119:105 - Your Word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path.  KJV 

I wasn't planning to write a devotion type of post, just to chat about things in general.    His ways are best.

I would like to welcome our new follower, Jeanie.   She has been a long time online friend.   She helped with my challenge blog when it first started in 2017.   If you scroll all the way down to nearly the bottom of my page, you'll find a link to her website:    I saved you the trip. :)   Anyway she has all kinds of neat things to see on her blog.   

I have been tossing around the idea to sell online again, but it won't be through Etsy.  It would be using my own site.   I won't say when this will all take place, but its been in the back of my mind.   I won't be doing another challenge blog either, frankly I don't have that kind of time any longer to maintain working on challenges every month.  

  Also, I will mention that I was given a vintage wedding dress, it has all kinds of appliques and bead work.   Its absolutely beautiful.   The reason I bring this up is, I would be willing to part with these appliques, but I would need to know if there would be enough interest.    If you are a crafter that uses all types of mixed media or like making altered books then this definitely is right up your alley.    Jeanie has made some beautiful works using wedding appliques.   Or you could use them in scrapbook layouts... I'm sure the list is endless.   All I know is I have a drawer full of all kinds of wedding dress pretties.   I can insert a photo so you can see a sample of what I am talking about.    Leave me a comment if you would be interested in these type of things.   All the appliques are a creamy white, this was just put on a colorful background to show some of the details.   Smoke-free home.    I have to work in the earlier part of the day tomorrow, but I will be checking to see if you've left comments.     Thanks, and have a blessed evening, hugs, Mary