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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Just a chat

 Hello,  I'm not sure why I cannot add in a links page on my blog, but it won't publish properly.  If you would like to see what links I have to offer, please scroll all the way down to the end of the home page.

I have decided to make an order with PaperTemptress this evening, as I am addicted to craft papers of all kinds.   Hubby gave me that look, and said don't you have enough papers to work with?  Well, I do, but you can never have too much.   I don't have her shop in my links so I will place it here -     Since it was my first purchase I wanted to try these: Heavenly White, Natural, Neenah Light Blue, Pink Lemonade, Razzelberry .   I will likely show off these lovely papers when I receive them.   Apparently the Heavenly White is good for copics, as it doesn't bleed through.  I don't have copics, but occasionally will use my Ohuhu markers, and even with the light weight card stock purchased from Hobby Lobby it does bleed through.  :(    So I cannot wait to try out these new papers.  

Today was my day off, and I do have a short list of things I need to get done but instead found myself resting in the lazy boy.    I cooked a good dinner of meatloaf, creamy scalloped potatoes, and mixed veggies.   Which hit the spot.   Since hubby has to watch his cholesterol levels, oatmeal gets added to the meat mixture, for extra flavor I love to add in a small bit of brown sugar,  mrs. dash, onion, rubbed sage, cracked black pepper, salt, dill, poultry seasoning, and forgot to add 1 large egg, and ketchup. Very important* :)    Actually, I use ground turkey meat.   Since turkey doesn't have a really good flavor I have to doctor it up a bit.   I quit buying hamburger.   One its way too expensive and we tend to like turkey better.   I know that grilling beef smells better when cooked outside, but mann, you just might have to take out a loan to buy the next time round.  ;)    We do like a good stew, but again beef... wowiee  the price takes my money (and my breath) away!    With today's prices one needs to be frugal.    We do have a small pantry of dry goods, and canned goods.    You know what, the nap I had earlier made me wake up a little too much, and have to get up and get to work tomorrow... go in just a little earlier.   So, I will see you all next time,  have a blessed day.   Hugs, Mary 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Crafty project

 Hello crafty friends,  my cross is finally finished.  :)  I am very happy the way it turned out.   The main color is cottage rose matte and the center cross was done in a country white (chalk base), with a very light dry brushing it gives a lacey look to the cross.  The "tips" were given a distressed look with the cottage white chalk paint.  I added a pretty colorful butterfly from   I tried to get a closer look at the butterfly in the next photo.    I thought it was fitting that I should dedicate this cross to the memory of his dad.   I know it isn't done with a manly theme, but hubby said that it was okay, just make it the way you want it to look.   The butterfly signifies a new life in Christ.   

Last week was the funeral & celebration of life service for his father.   It was a jammed packed two days, of meeting family members that we haven't seen in years.   Everyone was very nice, the service was beautiful.   The weather was a bit cold with flurries, but by that afternoon the sun popped through the thick cloud cover.   He is missed, but will stay in our hearts.  ♥  

As I close this post I hope you all are well.   Have a blessed day,  hugs, Mary

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Keep drumming... boom boom bah

 Hello,  having those drums, (teaching myself), and drumming loudly at times has loosened up that pinched nerve.  Wow, I just had no idea of the benefits.  :)  I had been praying too.   This condition of the nerve getting pinched started way back in 1981, back then the doctor told me that if I keep having frequent dizzy spells it could be a result of a tumor.   Well, I have since been to a doctor that showed me that when I get tense, or stressed out about anything then I will get a short dizzy spell.   This is just a chronic condition that I believe that Lord can heal, its just going to take some time.   

And on a another note, my husband's dad passed away.   We knew it wouldn't be long.   I'm doing fine emotional wise.  Hubby has been feeling down, and that is to be expected.   Anyway we would appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this time. ♥  Thank you.

I need to get ready for another work day,  hugs ~ Mary

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Fine as frog hairs

🐸 Hello crafty friends,  Spring is almost here and there's a Frog on the freebie page.   Since I don't allow there to be comments on that stand alone page, I would however love it if you plan on using the image by letting me know in the comment section below.   Thanks...  I hope you'll make a card to brighten someone's day.    Hugs, Mary ♥

Crafty project, cross

 Hello crafty peeps,  Today I am sharing my project, a cross, that I picked up at a local thrift shop.   I liked it at first, and had it hanging on the wall of my craft room but one day it occurred to me that it just didn't look that great, so thought painting it would help.    Here's what I have done so far.

This is what it looked like, I removed the gem that was in the center.  It wasn't very pretty. 

Here is an updated photo, letting it dry.  I found that just using white craft paint wasn't totally covering the design underneath, so I used gesso.   This project isn't finished yet.  I have yet to decide what colors I want to use on it.   I want to add a butterfly in the center when its finished. 
I will post the finished photos of it later.

You know what I met a couple in my check out line the other day, (changing the subject), not sure what got us started on the subject of chickens, but they were buying something that related to what they do for their coop in the warmer weather, and well one thing led to another, they said raising chickens is a lot of fun, but I said doesn't it cost big bucks to feed and do all things to raise them?   They mentioned what all goes in to feed their hens, and I was quite impressed.  They have at least 9 hens.   Producing lots of eggs.   Like I mentioned before we aren't in any position to get any chicks, not where we live... my neighbors already have a problem with our dog, ( our dog is a sweetie ) she just likes to bark to see if their dogs will play then she gives up.  ;)   I wouldn't want to do anything to "ruffle" their feathers.  Mercy sakes! 

Anyway, just wanted to chat about something different this evening. :)

Have a good weekend, I will be working.  See ya later gators.  

Hugs, Mary

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Hi just a quick update

 Hello,  We received some good news earlier today, my sister-in-law came through her surgery just fine.   It was a rather serious procedure that she had to have done.    They had to put off the surgery for several weeks, because of some such and such.   And that made her a lot more nervous.   We prayed that she would do fine and she did and that is important.   :)

And for the update on his Dad, let me say this, we are so glad that we had gone up to see him when we did, cause he has gone down fast, he is currently in a coma like state.   I really think he will not be around for his 88th birthday, which is next month.    My husband has a birthday in April as well.  

I was really hoping to get my craft done today, but other things came up like trimming bushes, and cutting away dead reeds.   Thought that could be just a bit more important since we may not have sunny skies for a while and this weekend I have to work.    But I really have started on the project and took before photos, its just in the draft mode right now.   

This time with his dad reminds me of what it was like just before my mother passed away.  So its kind of difficult to gather my thoughts right now.     I don't want my post to end on a sad note, I like to think of good memories of that person.   Just like I do with my parents being gone, I think of them being happy, doing something they liked doing.   Mom was always at her sewing machine working away the hours on a quilt, or something special she made.    Dad was sometimes working on his boat, finding just the right part that he needed.   The last memory I have of him was in 1993, he was on the phone hunting down a part for his boat!   So that's why I mentioned that.   :)    It was just before I flew to Japan to be with my hubby.   We were stationed there until 1997.   And that was the year that my dad passed away quite suddenly in a car accident.   

I am thankful for the blessing of healing.   Healing of the past.   I am looking forward to see how the Lord will work out all the details with the rest of his siblings.   I am thankful for prayer.  To be able to bring all my heart to God in prayer.   I don't want to struggle.   This is in the hands of the Lord.   

The effectual fervent prayer of a Righteous man avails much.  James 5:16 KJV   

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God.... I John 4:7  KJV

Okay, I am going to go for now, let me know your comments if you like, and thank you so much being a follower of my blog.   :)

Hugs to all, Mary ♥

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Hello, :)

It's a cold brisk Saturday morning.   I'm glad I have today off, I need to get busy with one of my projects but first let me give you an update on my husband's dad.  

  We drove up to see them last Wednesday, it was only a two hour drive but when you first drive someplace you've never been it always seems to take longer.  :)   The house sits in the middle of nowhere, in the best place ever the country, wow, need I say more?   It is so nice and peaceful that is the first thing we noticed.  The day was lovely, as soon as we walked into the house I just knew I was going to love it, and I did.  The inside is a bit dated, but golly, if we were offered that house I wouldn't hesitate.   We were also greeted by 3 larger than life, golden retrievers and a black lab, thankfully they thought a head of time to keep them in a separate room, where they barked constantly.  woof.   Then, we were escorted to the back bedroom where his dad was seated comfortably in his easy chair, at least he looked like he was comfortable.   We greeted him.  And he knew us.   He is mainly confined to the bedroom,  he needs help to walk to the kitchen to sit down to eat, and so on.   Thankfully, his parents live with their daughter and husband, and their eldest granddaughter and her husband.   I thought it best for my hubby to have more visiting time alone with his dad, so I got to meet with their great grandson, what a happy baby.  I got to hold him, he seemed to take a liking to me right off.   I have that effect on children.  :)    Our visit included lunch, and conversation.    This time, for the first time, I didn't feel left out they included me.   In an earlier post I mentioned that we haven't been that close to his siblings, for whatever reason, ever since we've been married, I wasn't accepted.  This visit was one of forgiveness and joy.   Before we left, they gave us 18 fresh eggs from their hens.   I would say that was a nice parting gift.   I didn't want to mention that I'm not a big fan of eggs, but why spoil the goodness.   ♥

Just a side note,  they told us that as long as we don't wash the eggs, then you don't need to refrigerate.   How is that?!   I asked.  Well the hens lay the eggs with a protective coating.  I'm sorry, but that sounded so strange to me that when we got home I looked it up.   They were right.  I've not ever lived on a farm nor kept chickens, although this time of visiting and breathing in that country air, got my mind to thinking we could get  chicks, a coop and raise those cute birdies into the greatest ever egg laying hens!   I even imagined having a sign outside my house, fresh farm eggs for sale.   Okay, Mary, settle yourself down... you obviously live in a neighborhood where chickens would not be allowed, they would probably be gobbled up by dogs, or raccoons, and hawks.    My sister-in-law said she just loves her chickens, they follow her about the garden.   They sound like miniature puppies.    Well, I don't know if I will ever own any chickens, I would have to move out to a place where we could keep them.   I think I was just in like with the idea, there would have to be so much research first.   I wouldn't know where to begin.  My mother grew up on a small farm back in the day, and she would often tell me about the chickens her family raised.  I can only remember bits and pieces, as I was too little to be really interested in what she was talking about.   Oh, but how I wish she could tell me now what it was like being on a farm.   A much simpler life.   

Well, I must get up from here and get my mind on something crafty.  Hope your weekend is a blessing, I will catch you later.   Thanks for coming by, leave a comment if you wish.

Hugs, Mary 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Good morning, news...

 Hello crafty friends, Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last project.   I have a few more to be done in the near future.   

Yesterday, we found out that my father-in-law is in hospice care, and it doesn't sound like he has much time left, so we will be visiting with his parents tomorrow.    I don't usually have Wednesday's off, so this is special to have a day off with my hubby.    His parents live just north of us like a couple of hours away.   I'm hoping everything goes well with the visit.   We're not very close with his siblings.   It's never easy to go through things like this.    I guess, because of the news I didn't sleep very well, and I have to work today, so no napping. :)    Anyway, just wanted to share what's going on.   

I've ordered more of Renea Bouquets butterflies, just got those yesterday and they are just beautiful!   They are as big as the ones I have had before, just in different shades of color.   I think it's rather interesting that my next project just happens to be a cross.   It's one that I got from a flea market.  I will be sanding and painting it.    

Those warm temps seem to have gone away 40's today.    Well, I've got to think about making something for my lunch.   I will check in again another day.    I will leave the freebies up a while longer.      

Hoping all is well with you, hugs Mary :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Preserving a memory

 Hello, my crafty friends, Today I want to share a project that holds a special place in my heart, a wallpaper boarder that was in my parents' home.   When my brothers and I were going through things that were left behind I had remembered that mom would set back extra wallpaper in the linen closet, after opening the door there it was a roll of boarder paper, quickly tearing a piece, all I was thinking was this house will be sold and there won't ever be a time to go back and visit again.   This is my project, a way to preserve those memories.    

The frame had been painted with a basic color of beige, but that looked too blah so out to Hobby Lobby to select a few colors to see which would look best, you can see I used a purple color at first then quickly rubbed it out, then I sanded the frame all over again, (that purple wanted to stay), so my next choice was cottage rose which you can see it had better coverage.   Here are more photos to show you how it turned out. 

My mother loved butterflies.

I decided to add the two that were left in the package to the frame, I love how it turned out. :)

It's like having a little bit of their home in ours.
I can see why she selected this particular boarder, violets, a cracked eggshell was some of her favorite finds.   Funny, I didn't really notice this before, now it makes it even more special.
It's been 3 years since you've gone to Heaven.  I love you, Mom.  

To all my followers, hugs, Mary

"March" Over To CCAYR!

 Hello crafty friends, It's March!  And CCAYR is having a challenge.   This month the focus needs to have brown as the main color, so this is what I finally came up with using a digital image from Tsunami Rose Retro Vintage Christmas Journal Cards.   Also, the card may include stars, holly, berries.   With this image already being vintage, I used vintage photo from Tim Holtz for that extra around the edges giving it more of a brown tone.  This set had pink as an accent color.   The fire gives it a glow.   So, head on over to CCAYR to join in the fun!

Thanks for coming by.   Hugs, Mary