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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Vintage Christmas Card - Challenge

 Hello crafty friends,  there is a new Challenge at Christmas Crafts All Year Round, ( CCAYR ).   Here is my card for this month.  Theme is:  Waiting For Santa

Click on Badge!

The background for this fireplace came from an old 1950's Christmas card, but using my program I decided it would look great for the card I wanted to make.  The little girl is from a Rub-On - Girl's Toys Collage.  I found this at a local flea market.   I am glad I bought more when it was available.  The other embellishments of the stars and bells are from Our Warm Christmas - Die cut card pieces, these are from Journey of Crafting on Etsy.

Here is the fireplace background should you like to use it in your card making.

Vintage Fireplace Created by Mary S. 2022

I decided that I wanted the overall look of the card to reflect a vintage feel, so I used Distress Ink in vintage photo.
The card base (what little you can see of it) is from 49 and Market - Bold & Beautiful item # BB-88152

That is my card for this month, I hope you'll come on over and join in the fun at CCAYR!

Hugs, Mary :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

He had a gun..... ugh!!

 Hello, Thought I would pop in for a quick chat.  I am off today from work, and still trying to shake off this cold.. it's taking forever or so it seems.   Since I have been feeling better thought I would get in some laundry and sweep the floors.  It needs to be done, so we can get our Christmas Tree up.   Hubby got the bushes lit up with lights in the front of the house.   We don't usually put anything in the backyard, possibly a wreath hung into the back porch area.  

On Sunday evening while at work, it was the end of the shift.  I had a guy come into my line, as did another guy in the cashier line next to me.    They didn't appear to have anything going on, but I noticed as I bagged up his things, that the security officer was standing there waiting to ask him some questions.   Apparently the officer had noticed some shop lifting on camera.  The man shot back some bad words at the officer, then the other guy started shaking, was then escorted to the back of the store.  I'm not sure why, maybe to show where some items were stashed?   The other guy was taken out of the store, followed by an officer.    Both men were then talked to and given the chance to make it right, which one man did.  They were told that if they are to come back into the store and found to shoplift again that there would be no questions asked.      This made all the employees rather nervous.    As we got the all clear to leave for the night, the security officer then told me that one of the guys had a gun on him.  ( Just what I needed to hear! )  Which then the police officer also reacted with taking out his gun.  Apparently there could have been gun fire too... agh!!!   What a way to end the shift.   I am very thankful nothing really awful happened, as you read about in the news.   But now, I will always be on guard if things go on at the end of a night shift.   

I haven't been working on any more ephemera pages, yesterday I was coughing so much that I ended up with laryngitis.  Today, I do have a voice but it sounds a bit rough.   I was off yesterday as well.   I need to have these days off to hopefully start feeling better.   And looking into the month of December it looks as if I will have more days off which is good, I am looking forward to it.    I did take out some frustrations I had on the drums.  I'm sure my neighbors probably wonder who is making all that racket.  LOL   

Well, I better go, I need to make some dinner and my dog is wondering what I am doing as well.  

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.   Hugs, Mary

Thursday, November 24, 2022

A Share

 Hello,  I should be getting ready to go over to my nieces house for the get together but I am busy "playing" with some things to share with you all.  :)   

Hope you will like these images.  Use them for tear sheets, or in junk journals and tags.

Hugs, Mary :)   Leave some comment love. ♥

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving & chat

 Hello!  I've been MIA for several days,  due to being ill.   Flu like symptoms, but just with a head cold.  So needless to say, I haven't felt much like crafting.   I did work on a page but just not sure I like it enough to share it.   I don't craft well when I don't feel good.    I am feeling so much better and more like myself.       Thanksgiving is just in a couple of days, and I guess we'll be going over to my nieces house.   I really don't know what to bring yet, as its a pitch-in.   Seems like they have all the basics covered, and the one thing I like is mashed potatoes, but someone is already bringing a potato dish.    I thought about making homemade cookies.   Its terrible of me to be a cliffhanger but I am.   Heck, I could still make mashed potatoes but just keep them for us to eat.   :D     And instead of making cookies I could do bar cookies instead, not so much work involved.  Since I am still in recovery mode.    

And yes, since it is the holidays, I have been doing some online craft shopping.   I wanted to get some items from an Etsy shop I hadn't tried before...  I am still waiting on those items, it wasn't that long ago that she sent out the package.   It's little ephemera packages of Christmas bits and bobs.  I would like to use those in a card possibly, we'll see.   And as much as I look around at our local hobby store, they don't always have what I am looking for...  I like cardinals, poinsettias,  but they never have anything.  It drives me just a little nutsy!  LOL     And I can't forget about Black Friday, it will be a big shopping day for sure.   Not that I will be enjoying it.  Hah!    I will be manning my register from 9-4pm that day.   Thankfully, this time I was able to pick the hours I wanted to work, last year I worked a late shift, and stayed until 11:30pm to help straighten up the store shelves and such.    I don't really enjoy working on those particular events, but someone has to do it.   

Believe it or not I am still trying to get my side of the craft room organized, its been an uphill process.   I found a stamp I thought was lost.  It was just pushed up under a bunch of other things. That'll teach me.    And I found a cookbook I thought was lost.   It was tucked away in a bookcase in the living room.  :)   My husband couldn't understand what I did to "lose" it.  Well!  That's just how I am I guess.    When I was younger I could remember where all my craft things were, cause I didn't have as much to work with, and back then my desk drawers held it all.    Maybe once everything gets put away,  I will take a pic and show you.   I know you're just waiting at the edge of your seats.  :D     Well,  hope you all are doing well, like I said, I am feeling so much better.   Hugs, Mary ♥ 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Vintage Ephemera Page

Hello to my crafty friends, It's time to update this blog and offer another vintage ephemera page, free.   Use in your printed out scrapbook pages or cards and tags.  :)   With the holidays coming around the corner, its going to be a busy time especially at work.     And what's with this weather!?   Just a week ago we enjoyed temps in the 60's, now there is a frosty bite to the air, this has left me with sinus stuffiness... and you know how it goes with the nose.    That reminds me I need to keep taking my Vitamin C.    Later today, hubby has to go in to the dentist for a bit of surgery.   I think I am more stressed then he seems to be... he has to have an implant done.   I spoke with the dentist as far as my teeth are concerned and I said I will gladly have a bridge made, no implants please.   I am just hoping all goes well with him.     Anyway, here is the page as promised.   I will try and get more made.... I have to get up early in the morning for my shift tomorrow... but to get off earlier is all worth it.     Hope you enjoy using this vintage page.   I liked making it.   Hugs, Mary


Tuesday, November 8, 2022

O Christmas Tree

Hello again,  It's getting pretty late here in my corner of the world and will need to get some sleep, it's another late evening work wise.  :)    I've been just working with this program trying to get the hang of it and came up with another music sheet for you.    This is Christmas related.  :)   The music page is from 1914.   

I used distress ink from Tim Holtz to give it that extra charm of vintage, I was surprised to see the actual pages in such good condition.   I really love how this turned out.    Print out to use in your crafts, such as junk journals, greeting cards..

please do not sell in your online store, or share with others.  Just be considerate.* 

Thank you for coming by, would love to hear from you.

Hugs, Mary


Monday, November 7, 2022

Springtime music page

I thought this would make a beautiful page in your crafts, either as a background or as in a greeting card.   This one is for Springtime.  This one was just a practice to use in my program.  :)    *Please do not claim as your own, or sell in your online shop.*  You may use this page as a print out in your junk journals.

For those crafters that have left kind comments liking my works, I certainly appreciate it so much.

Hugs, Mary


In other words....

 Hello Crafty Friends!   I am busy creating Ephemera Pages just for you to use in your crafts.   There are many on the web that sell their things, but, I don't know that I am fully ready to start having an online shop right now.   I am really liking this vintage way of collaging all sorts of bits and pieces from all of my flea market finds.  This page is named: In Other Words.   Thought it was a bit catchy or silly one of the two, which ever fits for you.   Anyway, I think you'll find interesting quote in here from Abraham Lincoln; a poem; Spanish lesson; and so on...  most of the little items are from books dating back to the 1800's up to the 1950's.   The bottom portion of the page is my own works of artistry using the gel pad.   * As always, please use this page for cutting into tags, or in altered books.  But please do not sell or keep on file, or claim as your own.   Or I can see this being used as a Tear Page.     Anyway, I really enjoy making these and I hope you will too.

The holidays have come quickly this time around, or maybe its just me thinking that since I've been working.   Here in the U.S. we will be having our Thanksgiving with family, as it should be anyway.... but this year will be a bit different as in previous years we always had our get together with my brother and his wife.   It's hard to believe that she's been gone for 4 months.   It won't be the same without her.   And holidays, special events, are usually the most difficult when going through grief.   At least that's how it seems to me.    I found myself going through some recipes and clippings my Mother kept for so many years, it brought back so many memories of helping her when I was little.  I plan on sharing some of those recipes with you all too.   Those memories really made it seem more like these upcoming holidays... won' t be so bad after all...  it was like "visiting with mom" all over again.    My Mother was ready to go on to her Heavenly Home, and I know I will see her again in glory.  But,  I know I am selfish in thinking I would love to see her once again... to give her a big hug... and Dad too...  he gave such wonderful bear hugs.   How I miss those special hugs.   He's been gone since 1997.    I was hoping to get through this post without having to dab a tear from my eye... but I do miss them so much.  

I am dedicating this post to my parents and my sister-in-love.   We miss you, you'll remain always in our hearts.   Love you all and great big hugs. 

Thank you so much for coming by to visit, leave a comment before you go.  It would mean so much to me.

Hugs, Mary 

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Vintage Digital Free

 Hello crafty friends,   I'm into vintage. If you haven't already noticed! :)    And I've been wanting to learn how to make and create my own scrapbooking ephemera  to use for cardmaking.   I would like to share with you what I have been making.   *This is a free digital image, you may use in your crafting.   Just don't sell or claim as your own work.    Just right - click and save to your computer.   Can you imagine actually winning your own Shetland Pony?  

Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

Just for you...

 Hello!  Just thought I would have a play with my design program.. and came up with some fun Tags & Labels.   They are free to download to use in your cards.  I'm always hunting around for tags to use in my crafting.. this digital can be resized to fit your crafts, otherwise the original size will be 6x6 inches.  Hope you like this... let me know if you would like to see more of this kind of digital graphics.   Thanks for dropping by and leave a comment too.   *Time went into creating this, so please don't sell it or claim as yours. ♥

Hugs, Mary